Unlike other solutions in the market today, our intelligent solutions provide superior visibility of the danger zone  and minimize false alerts to reduce driver distraction.

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Actively notify students when it’s unsafe to cross. The Predictive Stop-Arm monitors oncoming traffic and gauges whether a vehicle is likely to ignore the stop-arm. Students and drivers receive an audible alert if cause for concern is detected.

Actively notify the driver when a person is detected within the right-hand/danger zone side of the bus. The Right-Hand Danger Zone monitors the right side of the bus for people and their movement when students are at risk of being caught in the bus doors or struck by the departing bus. Drivers receive visual warnings when the system detects probable risk.

Turn the Danger Zone into a Safety Zone

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Turning the Danger Zone into a Safety Zone

Predictive Stop-Arm

No system can prevent all accidents. Inattentive drivers, weather, erratic student behavior, and other factors can inhibit detection and overall system performance. Drivers must always keep proper lookout.

Right Hand Danger Zone Protection

Learn how to make the School Bus Perimeter Safer
AI enables active alerts and notifications - increasing safety and bringing the value of individual tools together to from a comprehensive view outside the bus.

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Whitepaper: Turning the Danger Zone Into A Safety Zone

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  • A change in how we approach School Bus Safety is necessary
  • Mirrors, video, sensors and AI used in combination can help improve safety around the bus
  • Sensors on their own are not enough

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  • The sources of danger to children in the bus perimeter
  • Why existing AI safety technology for personal vehicles is not suitable for school buses
  • A suite of solutions from Safe Fleet that take an innovative approach to solving school bus perimeter safety problems

Make use of advanced technology to monitor and actively alert drivers and students when there is cause for concern

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The Predictive Stop Arm