Unlike other solutions in the market today, our Smart Safety Solutions™ provide superior visibility of the danger zone and minimize false alerts to reduce driver distraction. 

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Actively notify students when it’s unsafe to cross. The Predictive Stop Arm monitors oncoming traffic and gauges whether a vehicle is likely to ignore the stop arm. Students and drivers receive an audible alert if cause for concern is detected.

Actively notify the driver when a person is detected within the right-hand/danger zone side of the bus. The Right-Hand Danger Zone monitors the right side of the bus for people and their movement when students are at risk of being caught in the bus doors or struck by the departing bus. Drivers receive visual warnings when the system detects probable risk.

Turn the Danger Zone into a Safety Zone

Predictive Stop Arm

No system can prevent all accidents. Inattentive drivers, weather, erratic student behavior, and other factors can inhibit detection and overall system performance. Drivers must always keep proper lookout.

Right Hand Danger Zone Protection

Back to School Road Safety Tips for Drivers and Students

The video includes brief and animated explanations of when motorists must stop and remained stopped for a school bus, as well as loading and unloading tips for students. We suggest you share it on your social media channels as well as to your local, traditional media; they are always looking for content. We simply ask you that you don't edit the video in any way.

Roads are becoming busier and distractions more complex, causing students to be more at risk than ever before. A 2019 NASDPTS survey identified 95,000 illegal passes across 39 states in a single day; that's over 17 million near misses in one school year.

As we near the start of another school year, it's important to remind motorists of the rules for sharing the road with school buses, as well as reminding students about how to safely board and exit a bus. To help you spread the message, please feel free to distribute this video to students, parents, local media and social networks:

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Unlike other solutions on the market, the Predictive Stop Arm proactively helps prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. Rather than relying on visual cues for oncoming drivers and reactively addressing violations after the fact, the Predictive Stop Arm alerts students to present risk and helps to keep them out of harm’s way.  

Make use of advanced technology to monitor and actively alert drivers and students when there is cause for concern

How it Works

Radar sensors and systems intelligence analyze whether oncoming motorists are likely to pass a stopped school bus. 

The oncoming vehicle's speed, location, and acceleration/ deceleration are used to help determine how and when to warn students.

If an illegal pass is predicted, audible alerts are issued to the bus driver and students.

A display module mounted near the driver console provides the bus operator with visual and audible alerts.

Enhance the Safety of Children with the Predictive Stop Arm

Are you looking for technology to further enhance the safety of your students during loading and unloading? The Predictive Stop Arm™ uses patents-pending radar and predictive analytics technology to monitor oncoming vehicle traffic and gauge when a stop arm violation is likely to occur.  

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"A neighboring school district has installed stop arm cameras, which has resulted in good media attention, but catching a stop arm violators only results in punitive charges for the driver and the students remain at risk.

I’m less interested in prosecuting the motorist than I am about keeping my students safe. (With Predictive Stop Arm) we have the video, we have all the information, but more importantly, the child never stepped out in the street to begin with.”

Derrick Agate, Transportation Director
Hopkins Public Schools, MN and President MNAPT State Association

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